Many families reach out after the conclusion of the services to let us know how much our support and guidance meant to them in their time of need, and we’re honored to receive such heartfelt praise. We feel that these messages speak for themselves and we’d like to share them with you.

If you feel we’ve gone above and beyond in supporting you through this difficult time, or would simply like to reach out and say thanks, contact us to share your thoughts or submit a testimonial below. It means the world to us to hear from you and know that we’ve made a difference.

Submit a Testimonial

Our family received exceptional care from Michael Collins and team. While this was a difficult time for us, Michael made the process as easy as it could be. Everything turned out beautifully and Michael really worked with us to make the service unforgettable, and Mom would surely be smiling from heaven. Collins Family Funeral Home is a local family-owned business that demonstrated honesty and compassion during this sad time in our lives. I would certainly recommend them to anyone that has to deal with a loss of a family member.

Lisa Gormly

May 18, 2021

We missed the haunted mansion this year! We were very sad that you didn't do it. But we were so happy that you were able to take care of us when mom died. You guys are the best, always have been and we wish you many years of success at Collins Family Funeral Home, we've been using you for a long, long time and while we don't look forward to it we are glad you're always there for us. Michael, thank you for always making our loved ones look so amazing, and for always treating us like family. We love and appreciate you guys and all you do.

Marjorie Duff

December 28, 2019

These guys are special! We had so many special requests and different things we wanted done and they exceeded our expectations every time. They almost complete redecorated their place with all the stuff we brought in, but they understood it was our memories we were bringing and they treated us as though they knew how important evey little bit of it was. Thank you. We will never use another mortuary again, you guys get it.

Mike and Shelley Eubanks

December 14, 2019

I want to commend Michael Collins and his staff at Collins Family Funeral Home, these are some of the most caring and compassionate people I have ever met. My family was so well cared for that we felt like they were taking care of their own family. Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts.

Frances M

October 14, 2019

Mike Collins has helped us with several of our family members, he and Mike T and Porfi have always been wonderful, they're like family, they know us when we come in, they know our family members and what our family does for funerals, they know our traditions and we love that. It's so nice to feel like you're working with people that care about you and sincerely try their best to take care of you. Don't ever change Michael Collins, you are wonderful and so are your people! We love you, Dar V and crew!

Darlene Victor

September 21, 2019

Don't go anywhere else! We've worked with "the Mike's" for a long time at Lodi Funeral Home. After they left the other funeral home we were told they weren't in the area any longer NOT TRUE!!!! We had to do another funeral at Lodi Funeral Home and it was terrible! Everything ran late, EVERYTHING! They even messed up the paperwork and didn't get everything done in time for us to do our burial and we had to come back the next day! How stressful and awful for our entire family. But we learned from the cemetery that the Mike's had moved downtown and we went to talk to them, We found them an we were so happy! They didn't have anything to do with mess up by the other place BUT THEY STILL APOLOGIZED TO US ANYWAY! True class act those two! The other place never did apologize and even sent us a bill for overtime from the cemetery when it was their fault that the overtime was needed! We will never go anywhere else! Collins Family Funeral Home is OUR place!

Janice Bailey

July 06, 2019

This was the best experience we could've hoped for with a funeral home. We needed to ship our father back to Mexico and didn't know what to do. We called other places and they were so expensive but when we called here it was half! The people were so nice and they helped us have a vigil and a mass at St Anne's in Spanish and then they took care of everything for us with shipping to mexico. We were very happy with everything they did for us.

Aurora Montez

March 03, 2019

We love the Collins Family and their funeral home! They went above and beyond in helping us! They have the most wonderful story of being friends and working together for over twenty years and it shows! This place and these people are wonderful. The funeral home is clean and elegant and Michael Collins and Mike Tansley are so professional but still funny. They helped us a lot.

Sheila Cline and Family

February 11, 2019

When we first pulled up to the funeral home we thought Mike Collins was the gardener! He was doing the yardwork! We had never been to the funeral home before, only knew where it was, had passed it and had heard good things from our friends. We didn't have an appointment but he stopped what he was doing and welcomed us in. He talked with us kindly and helped make cremation arrangements for our mother. We didn't know it but while we were in the meeting Mike arranged for our mother to be transferred to the funeral home, our older brother arrived late and wasn't at the hospital when our mom passed so Mike let us spend some time with her at the funeral home, not only that, he made her look beautiful and presented her on what looked like a bed with a beautiful quilt and pillows! My brother got to say goodbye and we all have a wonderful memory of how peaceful our mom looked when we saw her. This man and this place are amazing. We were blessed to have chosen them and highly recommend them.

Mark Williams

December 21, 2018

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